How do I place an order?

Send us an email ( with the tile and quantity you wish to order. We will reply within 24H (weekdays).
We’ll email you an invoice for the order, payment is made by a wire transfer. Once payment is received we will ship the order to your address of choice.

Do you ship to the UK/US/Canada/Australia?

Yes we do – we ship worldwide!

How much is shipping cost?

Depends on where you are based. Send us an email with quantity needed and your delivery address and we’ll reply within 24H (weekdays)

Do you keep tiles in stock?

Yes we do – to find out stock situation please send us an email or give us a call.

What is your lead time?

For in stock items shipping within Europe and US by air takes about 7-10 working days after received payment.

Do I need to seal the tiles?

Yes, cement tiles are porous in their natural, raw state. They should be treated with a penetrating sealant wherever they are installed. The sealant will protect the tile from staining. Further sealing and finishing is a question of personal taste and installation location. Regarding the former, there are wax sealants – chemical or natural – that give the finished tiles have a subtle satin finish. Other sealants retain the matte finish of the tiles.  Most sealants are applied with a sponge and allowed to absorb and dry. Sealant manufacturers’ instructions should be followed.
We provide the following sealants that you can add to your order.

Can the tiles be installed in bathrooms including shower areas?

Yes, as long as the tiles are sealed.
If installed on a shower floor, care must be taken that they are cleaned only with mild soap and the occasional scrub with a Scotch-Brite pad. Acidic or harsh chemical cleaners, which are sometimes used to clean soap buildup from a shower floor, can damage the tiles. Also, cement tiles are slippery when wet (although ours are approved even for commercial installations).

Can the tiles be installed as a kitchen splashback?

Yes, as long as the tiles are sealed and we also recommend to apply a top coat for this area.

Can the tiles be installed in commercial spaces?

Yes, as long as the tiles are sealed. Highly important that the maintenance instructions is followed, acidic or harsh chemical cleaners are not recommended.

Can the tiles be installed outdoors?

Our tiles can be installed outdoors as long as the tiles are sealed and installed with frost proof grout and adhesives. Please also note that colors such as green, blue, red and yellow will bleach with time due to the UV.

Can the tiles be installed with underfloor heating?

Yes, cement tiles have excellent thermal mass and are sublime with a radiant heat floor. When installing over radiant heat, we recommend a larger grout joint (3-4mm). Also, the grout material should be flexible. This will allow for some natural expansion/contraction of the heated floor without cracking the tiles.
Please also note that we recommend to wait at least 10-12 weeks before put into use.

What colour should the grout be?

Please install the tiles with products suitable for natural stone. We recommend light/medium grey colored grout and strongly advise against colored, black and white grout.

Can I order tiles that already are cut?

No, sorry we are not able to assist in this matter. The tiles can be cut with an angle grinder or a wet saw.