Claesson Koivisto Rune

Introducing “Stitches and Embroidery”, a new collection consisting of four new patterns: Mari, Stitch, Vine and Quilt.

Marrakech Design is continuing its collaboration with Claesson Koivisto Rune, the creators of the iconic Dandelion pattern. With the new collection the designers have been inspired by sewing and embroidery. Stitches and simple geometric formations create subtle pattern effects. They’ve also continued to develop the concept of layers of patterns and meta-patterns.


New design collaboration February 2018

Monica Förster Design Studio

In ‘The Four Elements’ a northern colour scheme is combined with a modernist form. The starting point is the nature of northern Sweden: forest green, sky blue, pitch black and brick red. The colours under the hard surface behave like water colour: it is delicate with transitions that are soft on the eye.

In ‘Breaking the Wave’ Monica Förster has worked out a new shape for tiles, inspired by the form of art nouveu arches, from a moment in time when nature found its way into architecture and interior design.

Mats Theselius

After the success of the original Raval-range we’re now launching its successor: New Raval.

This new range is characterised by generally stronger colours. In addition the asymmetrical positioning of colours in different fields emphasizes the diagonals in the pattern. Here you will also find the popular Kelim-range which consists of four different distinctive tiles: Goose-eye, Herringbone, Hook and Woody.”

The Traditional patterns & Solids

Voltaire, Palmblad, Leksand..

Our traditional tiles are mainly based on old French and Arabic patterns. However, importantly we have adapted the colors to match the current Scandinavian taste.