Marrakech Design collections


Our cement tiles are made by hand with the help of metallic molds and a hydraulic press. The raw materials are Portland cement, sand, marble powder, water and color pigments. Contrary to ceramic tiles, cement tiles are not exposed to firing but gain their stregth from curing. The pigment layer is about 3-4 mm which gives the tiles a long lifesspan. Each cement tile is individually made and variations in thickness, size and color as well as imperfections like irregular edges and corners as well as pattern contours being partly blurred are inherent to the manufacturing process. These characteristics add to the tiles’ natural appeal and do not compromise performance.


Anki Gneib

Leaves and Trees, two new patterns by Anki Gneib for Marrakech Design 


Charlotte von der Lancken

Paths and Fold are the two patterns that Charlotte have designed for Marrakech Design. Both patterns are available in many beautiful colour combinations.


Claesson Koivisto Rune

Our collaboration with Claesson Koivisto Rune started in 2012 and now encompasses three different ranges of twelve different patterns in total. The common design concept behind all of them is the layering of patterns and meta patterns.

Casa - guava/maroon
Dandelion - bottle green canvas


Marie-Louise Hellgren

The design and inspiration for Mareld comes primarily from love of the ocean and Bohuslän. The Idea derives from magic memories in nature when we swam a late summerrvening and the sea lit up by luminescent plankton.”I have an inherent desire to make the invisible visibel” .Through experiments we have invented a new marbling technique. It adds a natural and unique expression to the design.


Mats Theselius

Our collaboration with Mats Theselius includes four collections: Raval, Kelim, New Raval & Lines. The collections unites the Scandinavian and Arabic elements which provides the patterns with a contemporary expression. Our first collaboration with Mats were released in 2010 (Raval) and was assigned numerous design awards.

Raval - paralelo
Lines tiles pattern Reed and Foyer, colour Sand. Design Mats Theselius for Marrakech Design 1595 SEK per sqm (3)


Martin Bergström

Core, Crust, Grid, Sepal & Track.

Five new patterns designed by Martin Bergström for Marrakech Design.

Coming soon…


Monica Förster Design Studio

The inspiration of Four Elements collection is the nature of northern Sweden: forest green, sky blue, pitch black and brick red.

The Breaking The Was tile is inspired by the form of art nouveau arches. It comes in different colours, both plain and with stripes.


Four Elements - squares green


Classical patterns

Our classical range includes traditional Moroccan patterns. The colours are customized for the Scandinavian taste and interior. We also carry a small range of Bejmat, Zellige and solid tiles.

Bejmat - Garden green by Marrakech Design