New design collaboration September 2019.

Mareld by Marie-Louise Hellgren for Marrakech Design

“The design and inspiration for Mareld comes primarily from love of the ocean and Bohuslän, Sweden. The Idea derives from magic memories in nature when we swam a late summerrvening and the sea lit up by luminescent plankton.”I have an inherent desire to make the invisible visibel” .Through experiments we have invented a new mableing  technique. It adds a natural and unique expression to the design.”

Design Charlotte von der Lancken for Marrakech Design

Paths tile collection create an eternal maze of paths. However you choose to turn the tile, the ”paths” will join to find new irregular ways. The collection has endless possibilities to create new patterns.

Fold: The Infinity symbol inspired the new Cement Tile collection for Marrakech Design. The pattern has its origin in a flattened möbius strip that forms a perfect hexagon. The Möbius strip is a mathematic discovery of a single-sided surface and its symbolic value of infinty has been retained as cement tiles with equivalent qualities.

Design Claesson Koivisto Rune for Marrakech Design

The designers behind the award winning design icon ”Dandelion”

The collaboration with Claesson Koivisto Rune started in 2012 and now encompasses three different ranges of twelve different patterns in total. The common design concept behind all of them is the layering of patterns and meta patterns.

Design Monica Förster Design Studio for Marrakech Design

In ‘The Four Elements’ a northern colour scheme is combined with a modernist form. The starting point is the nature of northern Sweden: forest green, sky blue, pitch black and brick red. The colours under the hard surface behave like water colour: it is delicate with transitions that are soft on the eye.

In ‘Breaking the Wave’ Monica Förster has worked out a new shape for tiles, inspired by the form of art nouveu arches, from a moment in time when nature found its way into architecture and interior design.

Design by Mats Theselius for Marrakech Design

The designer behind the award winning pattern Raval. Mats have also designed the collections Kelim and Lines for Marrakech Design.

Traditional patterns & Solids

Our traditional tiles are mainly based on old French and Arabic patterns. However, importantly we have adapted the colors to match the current Scandinavian taste.

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